Petach Tikvah Vs. Givat Shmuel

Yonina Sakols

12299298_958590984211956_7060976319905291261_nThe Givat Shmuel municipality is being sued by the Petach Tikvah municipality over potential damage to the quality of life to its residents along the border of the two cities.The Africa Israel building project alongside the northwest section of HaZaytim St planned to cover 31 dunam with 12 buildings of 17 stories each, a net gain of 600 apartments. According to the complaint filed by Petach Tikvah, the additional 600 Givat Shmuel families will put a substantial strain on the limited water, sewer, and roadways of the Petach Tikvah neighborhood, Kiryat Matlon. Kiryat Matlon consists of single-family, one-story homes that will now be overshadowed by tall towers and will be subjected to increased traffic flow through their local roads to the main roadway of Jabotinsky St to the north.

Translated by Benjie Frieling