New Diet in Daycare Centers

Yonina Sakols

The Givat Shmuel community daycare center has formulated a strategic plan to instill healthy habits in children from an early age. The goal is to improveHealthy Diet 2 their quality of life and prevent diseases. “Mevushel,” one of the companies responsible for catering to community daycare centers, emphasizes the importance of quality raw materials.
In conjunction with the new health plan, daycare centers will receive the game “Chutes and Ladders of Health”, to impart upon them healthy eating habits and tips on how to apply them.
Last Tuesday afternoon, parents with children enrolled in the daycare program, were invited to the Alon Ben-Gurion School to learn about the new balanced diet for their children. They learned about healthy food, how to serve it, and what rules, requirements, and guidelines are in place by the Ministry of Health. After the program, the parents were invited to taste the food that will be served to the children. Next month there will be another meeting and tasting with another catering company, for parents with children in the local schools: Zebulon, Neriah, Menchem.