PSA: Renew your Givat Shmuel Parking Passes

Simcha Tamkin

PSA: Renew your Givat Shmuel Parking Passes
It’s the start of a new year in Givat Shmuel – which means it is time to renew your parking passes!
Getting a new parking pass is easy – just fill out the online form with your license, car registration, and teudat zehut and sefach, and the Municipality will contact you when it’s ready for pickup.
You can read more on the Municipality’s website6a00d83451b3c669e201901cb14cea970b-800wi.
These passes let those with a registered car park in any of the city’s blue-and-white spots for free. Guest parking passes (good only for a few block radius from any apartment with restricted parking), only expire at the end of the lease.
Happy driving!