Roads Closed During Purim Parade

Yonina Sakols

road-closed-jpgThis Friday, March 18th, between the hours of 8:30 am and 12:00 pm there will be a Purim parade and many streets will be closed.

The parade will start at 10:00 at number 2 Hazeitim street  and will end at the corner of Gefen street. Along the way there will be street performances and music. Residents are invited to join and watch the procession.

The Municipality requests that if you need your car during this time to move it beforehand.

Below is a list of streets that will be blocked between 8:30-12:00.
For the list in Hebrew click here.

  • From the exit of Motta Gur to Hazeitim will be closed.
  • Bialik street from Sderot Menachem Begin until Tzomet Yirushalim
  • Semtat Rav Singer
  • The exit from Migdal HaMayim (The Hisorical Water Tower)
  • Pardes Rosenblum
  • Hanasi street- from Lochemei Hagetaot until Hazeitim street
  • HaRimon street
  • HaTamar Street
  • HaTe’ena Street
  • Gefen street- Will remain open for traffic from Hazeitim street to Gefen street.
  • Kikar Shve’at HaMinim- will remain open for traffic