Get in Shape, On Campus

Yonina Sakols

The Student Union is offering sport classes on campus, everyday of the weeksport_2
Each class for only 10 shekel for members of the student union.

Weekly Schedule:
Sunday, 20:00 – Krav Maga for women
Monday, 19:15 – Muscle Toning for women
Tuesday, 20:30 – Israeli Folk Dance for women. 21:30 – Israeli Folk Dance, Co-Ed (both in the sports center)
Wednesday, 19:30 – Zumba for women
Thursday, 20:00 – Krav Maga for men

The classes will take place in 507, classroom 25, unless marked otherwise.
Entrance only with a punch card! So what are you waiting for? Get Moving!

5 classes:
50 shekel for an Agudah member / 75 shekel for other students

10 classes:
100 shekel for an Agudah member / 150 shekel for other students

Tickets can be purchased at the Agudah building (107)