Community Spotlight: Meet Yonina Sakols

Simcha Tamkin

Welcome to our new series of Community Spotlight articles, where I will be interviewing the heads of the GSC committees that make our community great! First on the list is Yonina Sakols, communications head and editor of the GSC newsletter.12705794_10153214556491577_6225638853840642410_n


Simcha Tamkin


S: How long have you been living in Givat Shmuel?

Y: About two and a half years


S: What prompted you to get involved in the GSC?

Y: When I first came here it helped me meet a lot of new people, so I felt like I had to give back and possibly make it even better.

S: What is your favorite thing about the community?

Y:Wow, there are so many things to choose from.

I would say the fact that I still go to meals and meet new people because the community is so big. Also, the fact that I have so many friends here doing so many different things. Some are students, some are soldiers, older people and younger people, and families with kids.

S: What are you working on for the community?

Y: We are coming out with a weekly newsletter, plus our goal is to redesign the website, and draw more people to our events.

S: What is the one thing from your home country that you miss the most?

Y: Well besides for missing my family, I miss Romanian salami from Chicago (my home city) and being a 10 minute drive from the beach.

S: If you had an unlimited budget to create a new community initiative, what would it be?

Y: I would want an office headquarters for the GSC, someplace we could use where it would be more conducive to uninterrupted work.

S: What is the most awkward thing that has ever happened to you at a meal?

Y: Well, besides for the numerous meals I’ve fallen asleep at, there was a time I missed my mouth with my fork and shoved the food into my cheek.