New Bicycle Laws in Tel Aviv

Yonina Sakols

c19_01800Starting May 1st, bicyclists will no longer be able to ride on Tel Aviv sidewalks without risk of violation fines.

On Sunday April 24, the Tel Aviv Municipality and the National Road Safety Authority will begin a public relations campaign. There will be billboards, videos, and green graffiti on sidewalks along with policemen, and others distributing information sheets on enforcement measures to bicycle riders and pedestrians.

This new law applies to electric bicycles and non-electric bicycles on the sidewalks and fines can vary between 100 to 1,000 shekels. Violations include going through a red light, riding in the wrong direction, using a cell phone while driving and disturbing pedestrians on sidewalks.

Punitive measures will include fines, taking the air out of bicycle tires, and confiscation of batteries (for children under 16 illegally riding electric bicycles).