Yom Haazmeut in Gabash

Yonina Sakols

13087739_1051895668214820_745896483137638149_nGivat Shmuel once again has a great lineup for their Yom Haatzmaut celebration on May 11th. The evening will begin with a tifila chagagit at 20:30 in Park Rimon followed by artists Mosh ben Ari, Hadag Nachash and Gilad Segev. There will be fireworks, food and drink stalls.

The school Moreshet Neriyah will also be hosting a tifila chagigit on Yom Haatzmaut, Carlebach style in the school’s basketball court.
At midnight there will be a show with the band Arsenu, who will be playing the best Isreali songs.

Event Schedule:

20:30- The celebration begins!
20:50- Performances by local groups, “שרים בגבעה”, “שובבי הגבעה” and a jazz band hosted by Oded Paz
21:05- A firworks show
22:30- Mosh ben Ari
23:10- Gilad Segev
23:45- Hadag Nachash
24:00- In the courtyard of the school MoreshetNeriyah, a show by “Arsenu”