3 New Bicycle Paths

The GSC Team

The Dan region will be building three bicycle routes to allow fast and safe trips from Tel Aviv, Petach Tikva, Holon, and Rishon Lezion and reduce road congestion and pollution. Planning will be completed in the next few months, followed by construction lasting about 6 months.

13151439_1056782944392759_1550607712474533017_nThe total length of the three routes reach to more than 50 km and is estimated to cost about 250 million shekels.

The first path is “the beach path” and will be built alongside highway 2 and it will start at the Herzliyah Interdisciplinary Center, following Park Herzliyah, Derech Namir until Savidor station in Tel Aviv.

The second route known as “the field path” will be parallel to highway 471 (Macabit), following the area of Petach Tikvah, Givat Shmuel, Bar-Ilan University, Aluf Sadeh and will split at the entrance to Tel Aviv, and the other will head towards Rechov Yitzchak Sadeh and Derech Hashalom (Givat Hatachmoshet). This path will be about 16 km.

The third path will be known as “the Ariel path” it will begin in Holon, following derech reshion lezion, and the area east of the Ayalon, the path will run through park ariel sharon.

These three paths are part of an overall plan to establish 10 paths totaling 150 km. Drinking fountains, signs and maps will be places along these paths for riders. The rest of the paths will be completed over the next four years.