Facebook Community Guidelines

The GSC Team

Hosting a meal on Shabbat or looking to hosted? Sharing something, publicizing a local event, or just need help?

Welcome to Camp Givat Shmuel, the Facebook group that allows English speakers in the Givat Shmuel / Bar-Ilan area to help each other.

Community Guidelines:

  1. Only personal accounts may join the group. No fake, advertiser, or company profiles are allowed.
  2. Spam is not tolerated. Ever.
  3. No bullying, trolling, or attacking/insulting any member of the group. Also ever.
  4. No political posts or discussions – including those about student government – or religious arguments. Also also ever.
  5. All posts in a language other than English must include an English translation or summary.
  6. Search the group before you post (and check The GSC Website). Most questions have been answered before.
  7. Self-promotion, including selling items, searching for roommates, or promoting a business or service, is acceptable with reasonable discretion, and under the following conditions:
    1. Advertisements
      1. Businesses or services that are outside of the GS/BIU community or do not specifically target its members may be (re-)posted 1x per three months.
      2. Businesses or services that are in the community may be (re-)posted 1x per month, only if it is listed in the Community Directory.
    2. Events
      1. Events that are outside of the GS/BIU area may be (re-)posted 1x per month.
        Recurring and repeat events, or events that are part of a series, are considered as one, and should be advertised collectively.
      2. Events in the area may be (re-)posted 1x per week in the month leading up to the event, and every three days during the week of the event itself, only if the event is listed in the Community Event Calendar.
        Recurring and repeat events in the area that have been added to the Calendar may only be posted 1x before each individual event occurrence.
    3. Job Opportunities may be (re-)posted 1x per month, and multiple positions should be grouped in a single post. This does not apply to headhunters (we consider you as advertisers).
    4. Items For-Sale
      1. All posts must include the cost of the item(s), a photo of the item(s), and the street location for pickup (if relevant).
      2. Multiple items should be grouped together in one post. You may not post more than 1x per day.
      3. As with all advertisements, you may only re-post about the item(s) 1x per 3 months (if it is located outside of the GS/BIU area) or 1x per month (if it is located in the GS/BIU community).
    5. Apartment Rentals/ Roommates
      1. All locations must be located in the GS/BIU area.
      2. All posts must include the cost of rent (and whether bills are included), the start-date of the lease, if the apartment is Shomer-Shabbat and Kashrut (SS/SK), and the street location.
      3. As with all advertisements, you may only re-post about the apartment 1x per month.
      4. This does not apply to real estate agents (we consider you as advertisers).

    If your post does not fit one of the above categories, please consult an admin.

    Instead of re-posting, we suggest you update your original post and comment on it to bump it higher in the group feed.

    Note: all reposting limitations apply to the subject of the post, regardless of the user posting.

  8. If you come across a post or comment you feel violates these guidelines, use the report feature to have it reviewed by an admin. Do not argue with the poster or comment on the post, you’re just making everyone’s lives more difficult.
  9. Posts that violate these guidelines may be deleted without warning. Violators will be removed at the discretion of the moderators.

These community guidelines exist to ensure Camp Givat Shmuel continues to be a thriving and vibrant online community where members can help each other. Every item on the above list has been carefully considered, and follows Facebook’s own algorithmic recommendations to make sure every post gets the attention it deserves.

[Last Updated: 13 June 2018]