Announcing: The Givat Shmuel Community Sukkah

The GSC Team

That’s right, we did it!

Thanks to the support of so many generous community members, we’ve met our fundraising goal to build a community Sukkah for the hundreds of lone olim in Givat Shmuel! As of last night, we have raised more than 9,000 NIS!

dlm-20161009174547368_orig_1Thank you so much to everyone who donated, and to the friends and family members of those who donated to help us reach our goal. Your support and financial contribution means a lot to everyone involved, and has truly helped make a difference to our community.

This morning, we contacted our supplier, and as of two hours ago, almost everything we need is sitting in the backyard of The GSC House (Herzog 22), waiting to be assembled!

The Givat Shmuel Community Sukkah

With our goal accomplished, we’re pleased to finally publicize our schedule for Sukkot. You can see everything here, but to review the highlights:


Exciting Stuff!

GSC + WeMeal = Potluck Chag for All!

WeMeal #NeverEatAloneWe’ve partnered with WeMeal – the new app that lets you plan Shabbat meals with ease – to make this year’s Sukkot quite memorable. Thanks to their support, we’ve been able to put all 6(!) meals onto the WeMeal App, allowing anyone who wants to attend to RSVP with just a few taps! Just type the WeMeal code into the app, and mark off what you’re planning to bring. That’s all!

The meal codes will be posted in the Facebook event tomorrow, just hit “Attending” to be notified when they’re live.

More to Come!

This is just the start of the year, and we have many exciting plans coming up.

Shana tova and stay tuned!