More Medications Added to Healthcare Basket

The GSC Team

ICYMI: The Ministry of Health recently added 106 new treatments and medications to the national Healthcare Basket.

The Healthcare Basket – Sal Briyut in Hebrew – is the list of all the services, medications, and treatments covered by basic insurance under the National Insurance Health Law. These items are the same across all HMOs, although additional treatments are often subsidized by a particular HMO’s Additional Coverage Plan (Bituach Mashlima).

The new treatments offered by the Healthcare Basket include:

  • New cancer treatments, including Lynparza, Keytruda and Opdivo which can often replace chemotherapy;
  • Type II Diabetes medications Dapaglifozin and Empaglifozin;
  • Artificial heart devices for those suffering from Cardiovascular disease;
  • The “Morning-After” Pill;
  • New HIV treatments;

You can see a full list of the subsidized treatments offered via the Healthcare Basket at Kol Zechut’s website.