Ramat Hadar Streets Get Painted Blue-White

The GSC Team

If you don’t have a valid Givat Shmuel parking pass, now’s the time to get one.

The Givat Shmuel Municipality has decided to paint many streets in Givat Shmuel blue-white, in an effort to combat the growing lack of parking for city residents. Parking has become extremely problematic in recent months, due to influx of visitors at the New Mall New-New Mall New-New-New Mall Super Mall, and is only expected to get worse.

In Israel, roads painted blue-white can be parked along for a fee. Residents who register their car at the municipality can park along a blue-white road free of charge.

The first roads to be converted over will be Menachem Begin and Yoni Netanyahu, on 20 February 2017. The city has yet to announce what other roads will be painted.