1,700 New Apartments Approved for Old Givat Shmuel (Finally!)

The GSC Team

YNet reports: After 20 years, the Giyora Urban Renewal Project is finally happening!

According to the plan, more than 1,700 new apartments will be built, replacing the 551 apartments currently in the area. 9 buildings, to Ramat Hadar, will be 28 stories tall, and hold the bulk of the apartments. Beyond that, four 8-floor apartment buildings will be build bordering the rest of Giyorah, and two 36-story office buildings will be built bordering the the highway.

The 60-dunam area in Old Givat Shmuel – currently home to 22 four-story buildings – will be completely demolished to make way for the project.

The original Urban Renewal Project was announced in 1998, and has been only hold ever since.

Some of the new apartments are already available for pre-sale online.