Givat Shmuel High School Opens!

Yonina Sakols
High School Opening Ceremony

On September 1st , Mayor Yossi Brodny, Assistant Mayors Benny Somech and Moshe Marar opened the new Givat Shmuel high school. Also in attendance were Council Members Menachem Tzruya, Michal Netanel, Ariel Farkash, Herzl Arbiv, Adi Gross, and Eti Dahan the head of the Education department.

Givat Shmuel High School Opens! 1

The first stage of construction on the high school cost NIS 20 million and was built over 20 dunams. The building is 4 stories and includes a two-story library, 12 classrooms, grade learning centers,  extra learning classrooms, computer and science labs, sports fields, exercise equipment, a shaded amphitheater, grassy areas and benches. The high school is part of the education, community and sport square that the city is planning in the southern end of the city. The high school faces the future city square that will include local stores.

Future Additions

The second stage of the high school will open in 2018 after another NIS 20 million investment.  An entryway, a library extension, auditorium, 12 more classrooms, and more labs will be added. Matnas activities will be held in the building as well. Rooms that will serve the school in the morning will be used by the community in the afternoon. The building was planned in a way that will allow the addition of more classrooms as needed.


At the building entrance the thought that went into the design is already obvious. The design is meant to support the new pedagogical processes. Each floor is pained a different color, the special learning spaces on each floor and the well-cared-for yard.

“The new Givat Shmuel High School reflects the worldwide change in planning education and learning areas that support active pedagogy. The purpose of the high school is  to emphasize the values of leadership, excellence and Zionism and therefore the surroundings need to support that and enable collaboration, belonging and innovation,” said the architect and designer Anat Mor-Avi, the founder of We Learn Israel which deals with innovative learning spaces.

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