Givat Shmuel Starts School

Yonina Sakols
The new school year has begun!

Givat Shmuel Starts School 1Givat Shmuel opened the school year with 7,024 students, 504 of which were new first graders. Red carpets, candies, balloon arches and other surprises met the students as they started their first day of school.

This school year, Givat Shmuel added a new high school and two new principals. Chanit Swisa-Alon who will lead the new high school, and Noam Aharoni, who is the principal of Yigal Alon elementary school.

The Mayor, Yossi Brodny, Assistant Mayors Benny Somech, Moshe Marar and Yaakov Vilian, Council Members Menachem Tzruya, Michal Netanel, Michal Waldiger, Ariel Farkash, Herzl Arbiv, Adi Gross and Shlomi Garda, and Eti Dahan the head of the Education department all took part in the opening celebrations.

The schools opened this year after repairs that cost NIS 5 million, each school according to the work it needed. Additions and reinforcements were also built over the summer.

New Programs

During this school year, a number of new programs will be instituted in the schools (elementary and high schools).

The Excellence Program – which includes 6 extra hours of learning for each students; partnerships with academic institutions; a program for personal and class achievement; program for innovation in teaching and learning; and of course Nitzanim – the extended school day whose purpose is to help lower the cost of living and advance educational achievements.

All these pedagogical programs are imbued with the same basic values: Zionism, leadership and excellence. All the students in the city will take part in projects that help advance community and societal involvement.

Mayor Yossi Brodny wished the students, staff and parents a fruitful, challenging and successful school year. He added that “Givat Shmuel has attained recognized nationwide achievements in all areas of education and this year we will continue to place education at the forefront and invest many resources in order to advance these goals.”

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