Givat Shmuel to Reconstruct Historical Well

Simcha Tamkin

There is a new Givat Shmuel Project to reconstruct the well house and establish the archive of the City of Givat Shmuel

According to the Iriya, The first restoration project in Givat Shmuel is underway!

This unique project, in cooperation with the Council for the Preservation of Historic Sites, includes the reconstruction of the historic Well House in the Ramon Park alongside the establishment of a digital archive for the city of Givat Shmuel.

In the heart of Ramon Park is a hidden historical well that has been preserved, in an exceptional manner, throughout the years of development of the city and the new neighborhoods. Over the past two years, the municipality has worked on a number of levels in order to promote a plan for the rehabilitation of the well house as the city’s educational-historical center.

The documentation and preservation portfolio prepared for the project shows that the well was excavated in the 1930s. The well served the farmers of the area for the purpose of irrigation and operated fully until the 1990s. The restoration project will upgrade the entire park and create a point of interest for both children and adults. The site of the well will connect residents to the history of Givat Shmuel. It should be noted that the reconstruction project does not include building additions, the enclosure of the compound or the removal of the playground area. Instead, the construction will transform an area that is now a “dead zone” into a unique and attractive place.

The well house will include two adjacent buildings, each with a size of about 35 meters. The first room, the digital archive of Givat Shmuel, will display the pumping system of the well, and the second room will display the reconstructed well. This is currently under construction by an expert team of the Council for the Preservation of Sites in order to rehabilitate and use the pumping system of the well.