This Week in Givat Shmuel – 4 Feb 2018

The GSC Team

Tu B’shvat is here, and with the start of spring, we’re happy to be sending you our revamped Weekly Newsletter! We’ve fixed a lot of the display errors people we’re having on mobile, made it easier for people to share their own events in the newsletter, and most importantly, added A&M to our Supermarket Closing Times!

But enough about us – here’s a round up of some of the important things happening in the community!

  • Registration for Gan, first grade and high school is now open! You can register on the Iriyah website.
  • Tzaharon registration is also open, and ends on February 28th. You can register for the Matnas tzaharon on the Matnas website.
  • Sick of not getting your Arnona bill on time? You can now sign up to receive your Arnona bill via email.
  • On 10 Feb 2018, Yair Sharki, Channel 2’s reporter for Chareidi Affairs, will be giving a lecture (in Hebrew), on the different groups that make up the Chareidi world, and the changes the community is undergoing. For more information, see the flyer.
  • The annual Givat Shmuel Marathon will take place on 11.05.18. Click here to sign up.