This Week in Givat Shmuel – 11 Mar 18

The GSC Team
  • This week is National Education Week and Givat Shmuel is celebrating! Among the celebration are round tables with students, teachers and parents, Oleh Day  with round tables with olim and a performance by Mizmoreshet – a chior of olim who learn in Moreshet Menachem on March 14th.
  • As part of the education week celebrations, the city is invited to a community fair in the park on the corner of Hazeitim and Hanasi. There will be works of art for sale by the local ganim and all proceeds go to support special education in the city. There will also be performances by local students, and more!
  • In honor of International Womens Day, the municipality is hosting a series of salon lectures given by women about a various topics related to women. The lectures will be taking place on March 14-15 in various houses, for more details,