Pesach 2018 in Givat Shmuel

The GSC Team

Pesach is a stressful time for everyone. Here's all the information you need to navigate Pesach in Givat Shmuel.

Selling Your Chometz

Bet Medrash Kehilati
T: 7:00-9:00
W-Th: 21:00-22:30

S: 7:00-8:30, Between Mincha and Maariv

Heichal Rachamim
T-W: 7:00-8:30

Lechu Neranenah (Carlibach)

S: 20:00-22:00
M, T: 7:00-9:00, 20:00-22:00

Lishkat Ha'Rav (Bldg 509, Bar-Ilan University)
S-T: 11:00-14:00

Moatza Datit (Rambam 34)

S: 10:00-12:30, 17:15-18:15, 20:15-22:00
M, T: 10:00-12:30, 20:15-22:00
W: 10:00-12:30, 17:15-18:15, 20:30-23:00
Th: 10:00-12:30, 20:30-23:00

Kashering Utencils

Givat Shmuel has two stations set up for for Hagalah and Libun free of charge.

The stations will be open Wednesday &  Thursday between 12:00-18:00, and located at:

  • Rambam 34
  • Corner of Hanasi & Hazeitim.

Additionally, the Mikvah Keilim on Nimirover will be open every day from 6:30-18:00.

Burning Your Chometz

Officially, it is illegal to burn your chometz in an unauthorized location.

The following locations will be set up for burning Chometz:

  • The Municipality Parking Lot
  • The field by Hashaked 10
  • Menachem Begin 1
  • The northern field by Menachem Begin 27
  • The northern field on Derech Hamelech
  • Corner of Hazeitim and Hanasi
  • Corner of Hagefen & Naomi Shemer

Important Times