This Week in Givat Shmuel – 24 Mar 2018

The GSC Team

Pesach is finally here, and The GSC has your back. We’ve gathered up all the important Givat Shmuel Pesach information in one place for you – including all the times and locations for selling chometz, kashering utensils, and the Erev-chag burn!

In other news:

  • Both the Iriyah and BIU are giving away free Haggadot in an assortment of languages. Just make sure to visit during office hours!
  • BIU’s Dean of Students Office is offering a scholarship for Miluimnikim involved in community volunteerism. Applications are due by April 7th.
  • The Givat Shmuel Municipality has been hard at working organizing discounts for Soldiers and Bnot Sherut at numerous stores and restaurants, including: Roladin, Cafe Cafe, Piza Time, Super Stock and more.
    They’re also working on giving a 5% Arnona discount to army reservists; we’ll let you know when it comes into effect.
  • Starting April 1st, the Israeli work-week is getting cut by an hour – and no, this isn’t an April Fools prank.