It's National Literacy Month

This Week in Givat Shmuel – 3 June 2018

The GSC Team

June is upon us, and with it comes the humidity, apartment hunters, and as always, a bunch of events.

Here’s what’s going on this week in Givat Shmuel:

  • It’s National Literacy Month in Israel, and Givat Shmuel is celebrating with a myriad of activities. There are workshops on origami, Israeli comics, and more; special story hours at the library; and famous authors giving lectures. The headlining event is a two-day literary-inspired Street Fair at Sderot Ha’Atzmaut starting June 13th, with street performers, puppet shows, art projects, plays and more. Best of all, its FREE!
  • This weekend is our Monthly In-Shabbat, featuring a community Friday Night Oneg, and potluck meals for lunch. In addition, Minhal Hastudentim is hosting a Friday Night Dinner for students at the GSC House; contact your Tzevet Klita representative for details and signup.
  • Here Next Year’s Roommate Spreadsheet is up! If you’re looking for roommates for next year, add your details, and check out the sheet.
  • We’re debating hosting another BIU Finals Prep Night before the end of the semester. If you’re interested, let us know in the poll.
  • The GSC is in the process of soft-launching an Event Supplies Gemach for the community, which will allow anyone who needs to rent tables, chairs, projectors, grills, and more for symbolic prices of just a few shekel a day. We’ll be writing up a separate post with more details shortly, but if you need to borrow something beforehand, send Dovid an email.
  • Last Thursday, Givat Shmuel brought online its million-shekel CCTV system. These cameras will hopefully reduce the amount of thefts and break-ins, and also hinder the amount of teenagers and college kids hooking up and smoking weed in local parks. Somebody’s grandpa is pleased.
  • As a reminder, starting today you will no longer be able to fill up your Rav Kav on Jerusalem buses. If you’re planning on trekking in, make sure your card is topped off.
  • We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service Agreement. The new documents are just as boring as the old ones, but suffice it to say we never have nor will give away your personal information.