The Givat Shmuel Roundup #1

The GSC Team

This issue: Resources for Pesach 2022, a new Matna”s director, and some Shabbat Hagadol programming!

Welcome to the first post of The Givat Shmuel Roundup. That’s right – after an all-too-long hiatus, we’re back and bringing you a brief summary of everything going on in the Givat Shmuel community.

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Pesach 2022

  • Pesach is just around the corner, with no lockdown in sight 🤞. Municipality services will be closed during the holiday (including the library), as will BIU’s offices, so make sure you plan ahead.
  • The Moatza Datit is setting up a free station for Hagala and Libun on Hanasi 73, next T-Th, 12-14 Apr. 2022, @ 12.00-18:00. The Iriyah also published locations for burning Chometz next Friday; last year there were reports of residents getting fined for lighting fires in unsanctioned areas, so we highly suggest you take a look.
  • The municipality is doing extra trash pickups for large items next week through Wednesday, 13 Apr., and then pausing service until Chol Hamoed.
  • Need a place for Chag? Chabad Givat Shmuel is hosting a communal Seder open to everyone. The great volunteers at JLIC are also helping people in the community find meals; let them know if you need a place.

In other news

Upcoming Events

  • OU-JLIC Mizrahi Givat Shmuel is hosting a Kiddush Lunch for the community this weekend (9 Apr 2022) for Shabbat Hagadol. Rav Tzvi will also be delivering a Drasha after Mussaf, during which babysitting will be provided. If you want to help sponsor the Kiddush, please contact Hillel Krief

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