The Givat Shmuel Roundup #2

The GSC Team

This issue: Yom Hashoah, Yom Hazikaron, and a return to post-Pesach community life.

Welcome to another episode of the Givat Shmuel Roundup, where we do our best to bring you a brief summary of everything going on in the Givat Shmuel community. Pesach is behind us (like mask mandates), just in time for…

Yom Ha’shoah

  • Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance day starts tonight (27 April 2022) at sundown. As a reminder, most stores and public entertainment will be closed until tomorrow evening and an air raid siren will sound at 10:00AM to mark a 2-minute moment of silence.
  • BIU’s Department for Olim and OU JLIC Mizrachi will be cohosting a Zikaron BaSalon memorial at 18:30 in the Park 100 dorms, featuring a testimonial from Tali’s Wohlgelernter great-great grandmother, Dubrish Lazar. If you’re planning to attend, please make sure to RSVP.

Community Life

  • Women of all ages are invited to a Challah Bake on Thursday (28 April 2022) at Merkazi. Cost of admission is 45NIS with an option to donate to Ilanei Chesed, for shul members and non-shul members alike.
  • JLIC is back-to-business after their holiday hiatus, with davening, Seudat Shlishit, Torah Tuesdays, and all your other favorites.

Yom Hazikaron – Call for panelists and volunteers!

  • This year, JLIC is putting together a Tekes Maavar to mark the transition between Yom Hazikaron and Yom Ha’shoah (May 4th – save the date!), and they need your help to make the event its best! Specifically, theyre searching for community members who served in the IDF or Sherut Leumi to serve as panelists, and could also use some helping hands with setup/logistics. For details, please contact Rav Tzvi.

In other news…

  • Strauss issued a chocolate recall due to salmonella contamination, so check that wrapper before biting into that post-Pesach Pesek Zman.
  • Misrad HaKlitah is hiring, and G-d knows our community could use some more protexia 😉.

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