Student Reps

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Sign up and help out new and incoming English-speaking BIU students!

Do you remember what it was like being a new student in Bar-Ilan? Remember feeling lost – not knowing which classes to take, struggling to find course materials and class notes?
With just a few minutes, you can help the new batch of English-speaking students in your department!

How It Works

From time to time, when a new student contacts us looking for help, we’ll send you their contact info, so you can reach out. If you’re too busy, let us know, and we’ll contact the next person on the list.
We’ll never share your information without explicit permission!

It’s that simple!

Fill out the following form to get started:

  • Contact Information

    Please fill out your contact information. Note: this information will be public on the GSC website, and will be made available to prospective and first year BIU students.
  • Degree

    Please fill out which degree you studied in Bar-Ilan University, and would like to represent.

Send us an email with your name, number, degree, and what you need help with and well connect you with an English-speaking student rep ASAP!